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Essay writing tips for tutors


People often find it difficult to write an essay. Writing a good essay is very important for different purposes like academic purpose or describing a product. Essay writing should not be a scary job to do if followed some easy steps:

Basic essay writing tips:

– Understand the topic: First thing to do before writing down the essay straight away is to research about the topic. You have to have very clear idea about what will you be writing. Go through reliable sources that state the truth and fact. Collect evidence and references that can prove the validity of information you are going to include in your essay. The resource can be academic studies and records. Take full advantage of Internet. Make sure that you know what the topic demands. While researching, take notes so that you do not miss any important point.

– Jot down the thoughts: Sketch out your ideas in bullet points. This procedure is called brainstorming. Take a paper and write down the keywords that come to your mind. Find out the links between the keywords. Thus, you will get the sequence in which you should arrange your essay. After finding out the steps, you will get the outline for your article.

– Build the argument: Once you finalize your topic, you have to analysis it critically. To support your argument bring up references that is relevant to the topic.

– Structure your essay: An essay should have an introduction that states what your topic is about. Give a hint of the main points of your essay in your introduction. After introduction, the next part that comes after introduction is the body of your essay. Elaborate all the points, thoughts and your opinion in the body part. Divide your essay into paragraphs that describe each point. You can make some bullet points to focus on the main ideas. Now, end your essay with nice comment that concludes the discussion.
Common mistakes in essay writing:

– An essay should be written in formal language. Maintaining the formality in your essay is an important issue.

– You should check and double check for any grammatical error in your writing.

Expert essay writing tutors’ suggestion:

Essay writing tutors suggest that before you write the final easy make one or more drafts. Go through the draft thoroughly .See if you have made your point clear enough for readers. You may know everything about the topic. This is why it is difficult for the writer to find any disconnection he or she has made in the essay, which might make less sense for viewer. Try to review it like a third person. Check if the order is fine to present the subject for them who have less idea about the topic. The sequence should be interesting enough to drag readers’ attention to the next point of your essay.

Now, you know how to organize your thoughts into your essay. So, just grab a pen and paper and get started with something you like.