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How to Write Essays


Here are some essay writing tips to make your essays easy to read and also easier to write. The first thing you should do is choose a topic for your essay. If the essay topic is already assigned to you (by a teacher, professor, etc.) the first step is to prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas on that topic.

After you’ve prepared the outline or diagram of your ideas, write your first paragraph as a statement of the overall thesis of the essay. Thesis statements tell your readers what your essay is about and what points you intend to cover in your essay. Generally, thesis statements have two parts: the topic, and the point of the essay. If you are writing about building model airplanes, then building model airplanes is the topic of your essay. The point of your essay could be that it takes time and patience to build model airplanes. Instead of explaining the point of your essay, you can also just state the three main ideas about model airplanes that you will be discussing in the body of your essay. In our model airplanes example, you could say that building model airplanes has been a favorite hobby of many people for a long time, that building model airplanes requires an investment in time, materials, and patience, and that building model airplanes helps improve hand and eye coordination because of the many small pieces included in a typical model airplane building kit and the attention to detail that is required to successfully build the models.

The next section of your essay will be what is called the body of the essay. This is where you expand on the points mentioned in your thesis. You can discuss the history of building model airplanes (thus expanding on the idea that building model airplanes has been a favorite hobby of many people for many years), or you can talk about the cost of model airplane kits and the need for patience and attention to detail when assembling the kits. You can even discuss the benefits of building model airplanes. You just need to explain in further depth the points or issues that you introduced in your thesis. This elaboration will probably include main points, subpoints, and a discussion of the subpoints. The main points can be the reasons for building model airplanes, and the subpoints can be benefits of building model airplanes. Then simply discuss the benefits of building model airplanes in depth (for example, building model airplanes can increase your patience as well as teach you attention to detail).

The other two parts of your essay should be the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction should grab your readers’ attention immediately, and the conclusion should sum up your points and bring closure to the reader.