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Create vibrant vector illustrations

Turn your ideas into beautiful artwork with Linearity Curve

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Illustrations that stand out

In today's digital landscape, creating memorable and distinct illustrations is a crucial aspect of standing out in a crowd of content. While the right idea is the seed to a captivating visual, the right tool is the water that nourishes it.

Linearity Curve is your go-to tool for turning those creative sparks into finely crafted vector illustrations.

women astronaut with red dress and illustrative pink shapes

Your vector playground

Linearity Curve isn’t just a design software; it’s a playground where your vector dreams take a tangible form.

With our intuitive and powerful tools, it’s all about giving you the reins to craft sleek vector illustrations, ensuring every curve and line articulates your creative narrative.

Curve's user-friendly interface provides an amazing user experience, and this is one of the main reasons that made me choose Linearity Curve (and Vectornator in the past) instead of other alternatives.

Nastya Kuliabina illustrator
Nastya Kuliabina

Illustrator and graphic designer

illustrator at studio showcase illustration work

A precision-packed toolkit

iPad with lettering illustration drawn with the Pen Tool
iPad with shapebuilder logo
ipad with brand mockup ice cream scoop

Creating vector illustrations requires precision. The Pen Tool ic-pen icon and Node Tool in Linearity Curve are your trusted allies, enabling you to draw pinpoint Bézier curves and adjust the direction and angle of paths to your heart's content.

Make every shape, point, and line deliberate.

ic-play icon Watch this video tutorial to learn all the tricks.

The full spectrum of design possibilities

With Linearity Curve, your designs are only limited by your imagination.

Brand visuals

Develop a visual language and design brand materials

Print materials

Create eye-catching designs for physical media


Design your own unique lettering or logo project

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Illustrate every idea that enters your mind

Whether you're designing captivating brand visuals, eye-catching print materials, intricate lettering, or innovative marketing illustrations, Linearity Curve helps you push the boundaries of your creativity.

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Speed up your design process with AI

With Linearity Curve's AI-assisted tools like Auto Trace ic-auto-trace icon and Background Removal ic-bg-removal icon , mundane tasks are a thing of the past. Use these tools to accelerate your design process, giving you more time to ideate, create, and share your design victories.

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