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How do students plagiarize content from the internet and otherwise, for essays?

While this act may seem unethical and not a good sense of judgment on the part of the student, it is in a lot of cases something that a student cannot help but give in to. Plagiarism is the act of taking information or data from another source while claiming that it is originally one’s material. This kind of practice is seen as a widespread act amongst students within schools and universities, where a strict academic rule is followed against this very act in most of them. Suspension from class or even expulsion is something that colleges/universities enforce so as not to bring up students that do not respect another’s work or who fail on their part to produce honest work. (more…)


How can a student prepare for an SAT essay writing question?

For students who know that there will be no topic assigned as part of the SAT essay writing question can choose an essay topic prior to thorough research. Students should choose at least 3 topics to work with so that he/she has an idea of how to tackle a variety of subject matter. If a student is preparing for an essay writing assignment over a vast period of time, then he/she would have to at least do two essays per day to be confident with an SAT essay writing assignment.

Whether it’s statistics, imagery, or information, the internet isn’t the most recommended source for essay writing assignments, but if you know exactly which source is worth looking into then students wouldn’t need to fret. Online libraries are probably your best go-to options for information along with archives and other information portals that aren’t commercialized or not deemed research-worthy by reviews on the internet. (more…)


Essay writing purposes, basic format and preparation tips

What is the purpose of essay writing?

The purpose of assigning an essay writing assignment to students is test their level of creativity and reasoning, style of writing, approach towards the topic, and format of the essay. It gives examiners a chance to evaluate the key factors that qualify as a great essay, therefore grading students based on how well they achieve the vital parts of an essay. Essays have been assigned to a student right from a young age to even present day exams like the SATs and ACTs. (more…)

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