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Essay Writing Composition

The simplest form of an essay has essentially two ingredients. A statement or point that requires clarification, amplification or proof and secondly the materials that clarify, amplify, or prove the statement. A complex essay is simply a combination of such units revolving around an even more general statement. The most general statement of the essay is the “core statement”; the less general statements are called the “main points”; and the least general statements are better known as “sub points”. The level of generality further depends on the writer’s intent and skills of justifying the topic in the relevant context. (more…)


What Is Important In Writing A Cause And Effect Essay?

Systematic arrangement of material is important in an informative and effective in cause and effect essays. The various main points and their sub points that clarify or elaborate the core statements which elucidate the cause and effect reasoning should be organized systematically so that the reader comprehends the essay on a positive note. Thus it is very important to ascertain that systematic writing is essential in cause and effect essays. Those essays which jump from one point to another without any correlation or a sense of direction do not leave any meaningful impact on the reader. It is very easy to say that writing cause and effect essays are not difficult and the essay could be written by anyone, but without proper guidance and support, writing an effective and meaningful essay is surely not possible. (more…)


Improve your essay writing skills

Whenever we think of essay writing it reminds us of our school assignments. In school essay is a common tool of assessing a student’s knowledge. Essay writing holds a lot of beneficial aspects in a student’s life. Essay writing improves the thought process in a child. It determines how a child thinks. Common essays which involves expressing yourself makes the teacher understand the vision of a child.

This is the reason why essay writing is made compulsory in many entrance examinations. Through common topics like “Write Something about yourself” or topics which involves arguments and discussions tells more about a person through his writing. (more…)

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