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Simple and Easy Tips for Learning Good Essay Writing


Essay writing could be daunting and scary for many students that are not able to score good in their essays. However, once you learn the basic steps, there is no difficulty in writing a good essay. Let us discuss some of the simple and easy steps that can lead us to successful essay writing.

– Firstly, if you are sitting to write an essay, you should take your time. It is suggested not to write an essay when the deadline is near and you are already under pressure because it will not give successful results. Essay writing is a process that requires thinking, reading, planning, writing and re-writing.

– Understand the topic of the essay and find relevant material to study to get ideas. Go through different books, read and research about the topic. Take some time to analyze your findings and think to map some different ideas. Make pointers and write them.

– Next, essay writing tutoring would suggest creating an outline or structure of the essay. Give headings to the assembled ideas before you start writing and arrange them in an order. The basic outline of the headings should include introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction will define the topic and explain the methodology that you have adopted; while conclusion has all the main points wrapped up that you have understood. Subject matter is analyzed in detail in the main body.

– Essay writing shows how you can convey an argument and analyze a subject after doing research. Therefore, it is important to use compelling language to make your points clear and persuade the reader with your words. Published material in books can be read to learn the essay writing language.

– Once you have written your first draft, read it, make some changes and keep crafting new ideas. Points can be rearranged, sentence structures could be changed or advance level vocabulary can be added by replacing simpler words.

– Always know that essays contain small part of an endless discussion. It is important for you to discuss your arguments in your essay writing. It is not possible to write every minute detail about the topic. A persuasive and interesting essay can be crafted by formulating an argument after reading work of other people. Your essay may disagree with the argument of others, but it is necessary to get inside the essay question that shows your ability.