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What is AWA and how it can be related to you?


The Analytical Writing Assessment or the AWA section of GMAT is a test of your comprehending power. You will have to complete two tasks in this section. The two tasks given to you in this section would comprise of Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument. It is a 30-minute writing section, where you have to reply in writing. This section seeks to interrogate your knack for reasonable thinking and proper organization of thoughts. Your responses in the AWA section would be both machined scored and individually scored. The score will be given on a scale of one to six. The score is tabulated by taking the average of the machine score and individual score. The two score should closely math each other, failing which, the AWA responses are graded by a third reviewer. Before we move on to details about the relevance of AWA section, let us see what each essay tasks has to offer.

The AWA section

Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument are the two sections of the essay task. The former section requires you to state your opinion about a controversial issue. Your opinion about the issue is expected to be decked with reasonable facts and figures. You have to state your idea and views and support them with examples. Use statistical data and respond in an organized fashion.

The next task contains an argument against a topic. Your job is to support that argument and discuss some critics that improve the argument. You have to severely examine the flaws in the argument and point out relevant amends that can be made to it. This task basically wants a critical note about the given argument.

Relevance of AWA section

There are certain grounds that bring forward the relevance of the AWA section. The AWA section tests your ability to comprehend a written piece and respond accurately. This response is graded both by a machine and a human. The human is selected from the field of excellence in writing. Hence, rest assured, it would be tough to score in the AWA section. However, there’s no reason to be afraid of this section. Keep a lookout for certain aspects, which you can easily manage while responding to essay questions.

Pertinence and cogency are two important qualities that will make your essay a high scoring one. You can score a higher grade if you have pertinence or relevance and applicability of ideas for the analyses of an issue. You have to make sense of what you are writing. In the argument task, your way of critical thinking earns you the grades. Hence, be careful while stating the loopholes of the argument.

Coherence of ideas and thoughts is another important quality that is checked in the AWA section. Write your essay response in an organized and planned manner. There should not be any ambiguity in the essay. Each idea should follow the next with a logical connection in between. The essay scorers love a response that has an innate sense of continuity between its paragraphs.