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Writing Essays is Like Showing Your Own Style


My first essay was back in grade 1. The topics used to be simple like “My Mom”, “My Teacher”, “My Pet” etc. But times changed. I grew up and the topics became harder and thus, started World War III between my pen and paper every time I had to write an essay. We all have such war stories regarding essay writing. In this article I’m going to try and highlight a few practical tips to get you to make peace with your essays.

When you first read the topic of your essay, think of everything that pops in your mind related to that topic and write it all down in whatever form that you find suitable; be it bullet points, sentences or even keywords and these can be anything like a quote, a funny story, some research that you read, your thoughts and opinions, in short anything related to the topic.

Now that you have all the information in random form regarding your essay, ask yourself: “if I was telling my friends about this topic, what’s the first thing I’ll say to them”. Writing down about the topic with that notion in mind gives you the introduction of your essay. All people have their own way of starting a conversation. This way of yours will make your essay unique and one-of-a-kind.

Now it’s time to go back to your crude information and to decide how you’ll tell your friends all this in such a way that you give them all the information without boring them. This thought will help you cross out irrelevant information off your list and will also help you prioritize relevant information. Start writing it all down according to your prioritized list and if at any time you feel that something will bore your friends then don’t include it in your essay. This will help in making the body of your essay interesting. Don’t forget to divide the body up into various parts (paragraphs), each part covering a different point.

Now that you have told such an exciting story, it’s time to mark its end with a conclusion in the same way you’d conclude a conversation about a particular topic. These can be your final thoughts, suggestions to audience (readers) or the ultimate result affecting people in some way.

Essays, like people, have their own personalities and they get these from the people writing them. Consider your essays a reflection of your personality and you’ll never dread writing them.