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Writing Essays


If you are having trouble with writing essays, perhaps you should hire essay writing tutors. They can teach you the basics of writing essays.

Your next question is probably how do I find essay writing tutors? You can search online by using the search ‘essay writing tutors’ followed by your city and state. If you are in a major metropolitan area, you should get quite a few results for your keywords; simply research the results and decide which provider works for you. Some essay writing tutors offer online help, while others only offer offline help. Essay writing tutoring can be done over the computer, in your home, at a library, or at a school.

What will the essay writing tutor do? He/she will not write the essays for you, but he/she will teach you how to write essays.

The first thing that an essay writing tutor will do is ask you what the topic of your essay is supposed to be. You presumably have picked a topic or had one assigned to you (by a teacher, professor, etc.) by this time. The next step after the topic is decided upon is to write an outline or diagram of your ideas relative to the topic. You and your essay writing tutor can brainstorm your ideas for the essay, but do try to limit them to 3 major ideas with a few subideas.

After you and your essay writing tutor have some ideas for the essay, it’s time to write the thesis statement. The thesis statement will tell your readers what the essay is about and also what points you are planning to cover in your essay. Thesis statements are comprised of two parts: the topic and then the point of the essay. If you are writing an essay about cleaning house, then cleaning house is your topic. The point of your essay can be an explanation of why it is important to clean your house on a regular basis. Instead of making just one point, you can opt to discuss the three main ideas about house cleaning that you will be discussing in the body of your essay. In the house cleaning example, you could say that house cleaning is a great way to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses, that a clean house impresses your family and friends, and that cleaning house is a great way to work off excess energy.

The other parts of the essay are the body, the introduction, and the conclusion. In the body, you elaborate on the ideas you mentioned in the thesis statement. In the introduction, you try to grab your readers’ attention immediately. In the conclusion, you wrap up the essay and provide closure for the reader.